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About the size of the stroller cabin
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Is it sure to be a good stroller with a large cockpit? From the perspective of baby safety, the correctness of this view is worth considering. Bring your baby out, in fact, safety must be the first, followed by comfort, and then entertaining and so on must be considered, where I explain to the safety of the parents should take care of when the baby comes out:

First, the correct and reasonable use of cockpit seat belts

When the stroller cockpit is large, be sure to patiently wear a seat belt for the baby. After fastening the seat belt, use your fingers to measure whether the seat belt is too tight or too loose. Put down two fingers (about 25 mm clearance) ) is appropriate. The foot opening in the front of the cockpit's stroller seat is relatively large. If the opening is larger than the child's torso, then when the seat belt is not properly used, it is very easy for the child to slide out of the cart, resulting in a clip, neck clipping or The danger of falling;


Second, collision prevention settings on the left and right sides of the cockpit

When the cockpit is large, the distance between the baby in the cockpit and the guard rails on both sides of the cockpit is relatively long. It is recommended to add some cotton pads or similar devices on the basis of the original protection on both sides of the cart. Otherwise, when the location where the body bumps easily occurs, such as “deceleration zone, blind road, and downhill slope”, it is easy to cause the baby's side kinetic energy to be excessive and damage the baby.


Third, the baby sitting card fixed

For the baby who will walk away, try not to let him lie down, and let the baby sit steadily in the car with his legs on the pedals under the car. This is safer and the baby's soft body will not develop. Bring influence or harm;


Fourth, the body structure and safety lock check and correct settings

Before taking the baby to push the stroller out, take a closer look at the frame, wheels and other abnormalities. If the wheels are inflexible, repair them in time to see if there are ropes or other reasons. In order to prevent the baby stroller from turning or failing when walking, it is prone to danger;


Fifth, the reasonable preparation of inspection items

If the baby is going out when the sun's rays are strong, the sun visor should be installed in the stroller so as not to burn the baby in the hot sun. Sun screens should not block the mother's line of sight. It is advisable to see the baby. When the baby is pushed out in summer, it is best to put toilet water in the stroller and spray it when appropriate so as to prevent mosquitoes from harassing the baby. Toilet water should be selected for baby-only, non-alcoholic and other additives. Mosquito nets are also a great weapon for mosquito repellent protection. When installing mosquito nets, care must be taken to ensure the tightness. In particular, the cockpit is not easy to wrap tight baby carriages. Parents must carefully check the tightness of each side to prevent mosquitoes. Injuries to the baby from the side.