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Baby carriage safety is of utmost importance as a standing item for your baby!
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The baby carriage is a favorite item for the baby and is loved by parents. However, there are many blind spots in the safety of the use of baby carriages. The stroller has brought great convenience to parents, but because of the safety incidents it caused, there are also a few accidents. The baby carriage is the key to safety.

Before use, you must check to see if the brakes on the cart are strong and the operation is smooth. The brake levers should preferably be painted with clear symbols to prevent accidental stepping on during operation. For example, if the brake operating device is in the reachable area of the baby, it should be installed to obstruct the operation. The equipment isolates the baby and prevents the baby from accidentally causing a safety accident.

Regularly check whether the nuts and screws in the car are loose, whether the recliner is sensitive and available, and whether the wheel brakes are sensitive and useful.

The baby must wear a seatbelt. The length of the seatbelt at the waist should be adjusted in stages. The degree of tightness is appropriate for the four fingers of the adult. The best end of the conditioning part is 3cm.

Do not hang food or other items outside the basket to prevent them from falling to your baby.

Do not pick up the stroller with your baby. The baby carriage's material may not be acceptable for both body and baby. The correct approach is to pick up your baby in one hand and carry it in your hand. Do not use a stroller in a place where there is unevenness such as stairs.