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Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd: Talking About The Function Of Baby Stroller
- May 03, 2018 -

               Many mothers believe that baby strollers are not very important, You can hold them when you go out, but as your baby grows and gains weight, it's not appropriate to go outside and often feel tired. So parents are advised to prepare a baby carriage for their baby.  There are so many strollers on the market. In fact, there are two types of baby stroller, As following:

              The first one is the multifunctional aluminum baby stroller, Also called baby pram, This kind of stroller is characterized by good stability, the wheels are usually designed to be relatively large, or directly used inflated tires, so the shock absorption performance is very good. In this type of stroller, the comfort is generally good, and it is easy for adults to push it up. In addition, this kind of multi-functional stroller usually has a relatively high seat height, which is now a very popular high landscape baby stroller. There is also such a baby stroller usually seat can be installed in both directions, to facilitate our face to face with the baby, can lie and sit, as well as independent baby carrycot. Just like our models: BB818,BB819,BB800,BB900 and BB688,etc,pls check this attached photoes:

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            The second type is a lightweight baby stroller. we often talk about baby umbrella stroller and pockit baby stroller. Here we mainly introduce pockit baby stroller. This stroller is mainly for light and convenient transportation and storage for adults. Therefore, a lot of functions are simplified, and it is not as good as a multifunctional baby carriage in terms of comfort and shock absorption performance.

1. Light weight strollers, it is best to one hand to close the stroller, take up less space, so the pockit baby stroller may be more stored in the car.

2. It can lie, because every time the children go out to play will fall asleep in the stroller.

3. Of course, safety, quality and good shock absorption are essential for baby stroller

Just like our models BB701,BB600,etc. Pls check this following photoes:

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