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Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd: What is the pocket baby stroller?
- May 02, 2018 -

         In daily life, moms and dads must have encountered the following scenes:

Scenario one:     When traveling on the street just like mountain climbing

Scenario two:      Climbing the stairs is more tired than climbing the mountain

Scenario three:   What will you do if your baby cannot sit the stroller


       Combined with the above situation, we found that the pocket baby stroller can better meet the needs of traveling with the baby.


Feature one:   It Can be folded for foldable pockit baby stroller

Feature two :  For portable pockit baby stroller, it is easy to carry after folding, the                                      volume is quite small, you can bring folding pockit baby stroller into the                                  plane. It is Light weight pockit baby stroller

Feature three:  With safe and Comfortable Design for travel pockit baby stroller


        Bringing baby to travel is not only to have a wonderful memory with the baby, but also to be able to travel on the road so that the baby can broaden his horizons and experience.


        We, Caro Baby Children Products Co., Ltd, A professional factory producing strollers for more than ten years ,to recommend our pocket baby stroller  BB701 for your reference, Our model with the best aluminum frame, quality beyond and good price, Meanwhile, accessories with foot cover, rain cover and mosquito nets, etc., to meet the various needs of customers. Our pockit newborn stroller is light weight, portable and foldable baby stroller.

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