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Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd: What is the difference between baby umbrella stroller and baby pram ?
- May 01, 2018 -

      General speaking, baby umbrella stroller also called baby buggy, baby pushchair, etc. It is very easily to fold and unfold, It is light weight and portable baby stroller for conducive to travel. They are suitable for sitting babies and flat roads to use. It has small volume after folded. But relatively speaking, the function is less, Especially the safety performance can not be as good as baby pram. Baby pram is full-featured, comfortable and safety, but baby pram are heavier, now there are more and more luxury baby prams with aluminum frame, so it is not so heavy, of course, baby pram’s volume is bigger than baby buggy and It need more space to keep baby pram in your house.


       As one original factory with more than ten years of professional production experience, Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd, we recommend the following:


First, To buy an umbrella stroller for your baby, Use it in summer and autumn. Of course, the premise is that the traffic on the road is better.

Second, if family conditions permit, umbrella stroller and baby pram can be purchased both, Two different baby carriages are of great significance to your baby. You can use light weight umbrella   stroller when your baby can sit and when you take baby buggy short walks.

If it has Changeable and more travel requirements, especially in winter, you can use baby pram better. If you have a 3 in 1 baby stroller in your home, it would be best. It has a lot of performance, matches baby car seat and baby carrycot, To use it when you want to use it. 

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