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Cautions When Using Baby Stroller ( Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd )
- May 14, 2018 -

When your baby stays on baby carriage, he must wear the waist belt. The length and size of the waist belt should be adjusted. The degree of tightness should be four fingers for adults. It is better to leave 3CM at the end of the adjustment site. Do not use baby pram without unfastening the seat belt, and do not let your baby stand up from baby cart.

If there are no sidewalks, you have to walk on the side near the motor vehicle lane so that you can find the passing vehicles in time. In the same way, The drivers can see you ad your stroller right away and slow down. This rule also applies to relatively narrow roads. If you want to turn, your body should be on the outside of baby trolley when your turning.

Don't forget to keep your baby alone in the baby stroller at all times, and be sure to educate your baby not to put your finger in the wheel. Strollers can be divided into sitting and lying. Do not hang debris or umbrellas on the armrest of baby car. Otherwise, the baby pram will be unstable and overturned.

Here, Our factory, Caro Baby Children Products Co., Ltd would like to recommend a new baby pram for you. It is a baby stroller with a plastic frame. Compared to a baby carriage with a metal frame, it has superior performance, quality and is safer for your baby, Pls check this following photos:   

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