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Children's tricycle purchase small common sense
- Apr 02, 2018 -

When the baby is growing up, many Bao Bao mom will choose to buy the child tricycle for the baby. But the children's tricycles on the market are so beautiful that many of them don't know how to choose them, nor do they know what kind of cars their babies are suitable for. In fact, the choice of a suitable tricycle for the baby not only to consider the appearance of the color, but also a lot of details to pay attention, then how to choose the children's tricycle and what are the points for attention?

First, look at the frame. Generally speaking, there are many components of the whole frame, most of which are iron or steel pipe. According to the position of the seat on the frame, it can be divided into middle high and low type. The two styles have their own characteristics, middle and high style is the classic style, hand, foot and seat into the equilateral triangle, can fully adapt to the child's body; low style is recently more popular, the car is low center of gravity, riding very well, to adapt to children's poor growth. In fact, the most important thing to the car seat after the children sit with feet, legs forward feet can reach the car as stirrup. The best handlebars and seats can be adjusted to height, so that children can ride longer with the growth of children's height.

Second, look at the parts. The seat must be comfortable, breathable and soft, preferably a round seat, preventing the child's buttocks from being covered with sweat or other parts of the body. A bell can be installed on a small tricycle, allowing the child to ring the bell to warn others and avoid it. It is better not to choose a lot of decorative handlebars, which can easily distract children and do not pay attention to the front. It is very unsafe to look at the car, which is very unsafe. Of course, the most important thing is that the parts of the tricycle must be installed firmly, and there can be no place to be loose;

Then, look at the brand. We must buy the products of the famous children's car factory, so that the quality and safety are guaranteed.

Finally, look at the accessories. The assembly of parts should take more account of the rationality of the part in the interaction. If the parts are not well assembled, the service life of the car will be shortened, and the safety of the children's use will be hurt more. It is better to choose some tricycle with parents' hands, which can also lock the parts of the tricycle, so it is not easy to slide down the slope when the child is riding. Besides, we see what material is made of tyres, and the rubber tires are better than the plastic tyres.