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Correct understanding of the front wheel steering of baby stroller (Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd)
- May 11, 2018 -

Most of the front wheels of strollers now have the function of orientation and universal conversion. However, many Mum do not know much about the steering of the front wheels. In fact, this is very important for security of going out, so the mums must pay attention to them.

When the front wheel of baby handcart is universal, it is very convenient when making a turn, especially a three-wheels baby stroller, or baby jogger,so when you go out, the universal front wheel is very convenient for adults.

However, for non-flat roads, the directional wheels are actually more advantageous because they slow down the pitch after orientation, they are not stuck, baby pushchairs are easier to pass through small steps.

It should be emphasized that when baby pram is not implemented, that is, when it is stopped, it is better to convert the front wheel into orientation. At the same time, the brakes on the rear wheels must be stepped on. This will prevent the baby carriage from shaking or even turning because of the baby's activity

Here we have to mention the weight of baby buggy. Moms tend to be lightweight umbrella stroller. Because of their light weight, they lose a lot of stability, especially for active male babies. Carelessness without the brakes, or the seat belts are not tied, may result in rollovers or slipping from the seats to the ground because of the baby's active movement.

In the use of baby strollers, many small accidents and emergencies are some of the details we did not do, so these details parents must understand and remember. After all, the safety of your baby is always first.

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