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How To Use Your Baby Carriage Safety (Caro Baby Children Products Co.,Ltd)
- May 18, 2018 -

1. Do not rely on the brakes too much when your baby is riding because baby trolley can not be compared with the braking performance of your car

2. Before use your stroller, It must be confirmed that the left and right locks are fully locked.

3. Do not use baby stroller if it falls from a height with a sharp force

4. baby strollers have a certain load, generally it show this information  on the instructions, fat baby's parents must pay attention. For example, some instructions read: "Don't let your babies and toddlers weight more than 20KG take the stroller." 

5. Even if it is an empty baby cart, do not place it in a dangerous place such as a ramp, a car road, or a sidewalk. Because violent impact may damage the internal parts of baby cart

6. The straps must not be used through the front armrest as they will cause damage to the seat belts from baby buggy

7. Your baby can't be put in umbrella stroller at night when he sleeps, It is easy to fall off umbrella stroller or roll over

8. Push your baby to walk by baby pram, if the baby fell asleep to let lie down, so as not to make the waist burden too heavy and damaged.

9. When your stroller is crossing an iron road junction, be careful not to let the wheels fall into orbit. Look around and pass quickly and safely

10. Do not put baby pram near the fire, plastic parts may be deformed due to high temperatures, resulting in baby strollers can not be used normally.

11. Other people do not sit on baby stroller when your baby is in stroller 

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