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How To Use Your Baby Pram Safety
- May 17, 2018 -

       1. Do not use your baby stroller on snowy or iced roads

       2. Can not put baby cart in high temperature places

       3. Strictly follow the instructions to install baby trolley, Pls do not modify or install the trolley

       4. When sending the stroller, It is best to send it together with the instructions

       5. Do not place the frame after it is soiled with sand, because it may affect the sliding device so that baby carriage can not be opened and closed

       6. Pls do not use umbrella stroller as toys

       7. Avoid using the baby pram backrest upright, but use it in the most lying position

       8. It is advisable for your baby to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour in Baby buggy

       9. When the canopy is not in use, It can be lowered to the back of baby pushchair or close to the back of pushchair, but remember to have transparent design of the window above the canopy in order to have a look at your baby at any time

      10. Pls do not use foldable baby stroller on stairs, elevators or places where there is a difference

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