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Select a special child for baby
- Apr 02, 2018 -

There are many kinds of baby cars, so how to choose a baby carriage suitable for their baby is very important. In the choice of the following points of attention.

The choice of the 1. Cart: for children around 0~2 years old, because they can not walk independently, so the most suitable choice is a cart. Generally speaking, if a child usually relies on walking, he can choose a sitting car or a dual purpose car. These two cars have two functions. As a couchette car available for both children and sit down back to the child to sleep. So they can use children to wake up or fall asleep. Sitting car for children to sit, but also for the children to exercise their legs stand. In addition to family housing more spacious consumers, couchette car can also be used as a bed used in the evening. Some parents need to pick up their children by long-distance transportation. They must choose not only to walk but also to transit through public vehicles. They must choose lighter and folding cars. A kind of aluminum alloy controlled umbrella handle cart is more suitable.

When picking a cart, the quality of the surface treatment of the frame can be checked first. The exterior lacquer should be smooth and uniform, with no obvious appearance, bubbles and spalling, and no paint, wrinkles, particles and so on. In order to judge the fastness of painting, fingers can be struck or lightly rubbed and the body surface should be rubbed. The paint shall not fall off. All the electroplated parts should be bright, and the coating is free from peeling and yellowing.

Then check the internal quality of the car, the welding point should be smooth, and the body can't detect cracks. When pushing the car body by hand, the wheel should rotate freely and no card dies. After passing the above inspections, the appearance and internal quality of the cart can basically meet the requirements of use.

2., the choice of tricycles: the largest number and largest number of children's cars are tricycles. It is mainly used by children aged from 3 to 5 years old. Children in this period have learned to walk and enjoy outdoor activities. So tricycle can help them exercise.

There are many kinds of tricycle children's cars. The main components are handlebars, frames, saddles and wheels. When deciding, the children's legs can be decided according to the leg length. The quality is mainly to check whether the plating of the handle is bright, whether there is air bubble and coating peeling phenomenon, especially check the plating quality of the bending part. The bending shape of the handle should be symmetrical, and it should be flexible at about 60 degrees. The selection of wheels and frames is basically the same as that of carts.

3., the choice of two wheeled vehicles: when children grow to 5 years old, their ability of activity and imitation are strengthened. They can no longer satisfy the requirement of riding three wheeled children's cars. At this time, according to family economic conditions and living conditions, it is considered to choose two wheeled vehicles for them, also known as children's bicycles. This kind of baby car is similar to the bicycle that adults ride, but only two learning wheels are added to the rear wheel. Its function is that when children start learning to ride bicycles, they can put down two small wheels to keep the body balance, and learn to turn the two wheels after cycling. Because the structure of children's bicycles is similar to that of big bicycles, their selection methods are the same. Can also refer to the above two kinds of child vehicle selection method.

Whenever you choose a child's car, you should choose a child's child's car so that it can help the child's development, which is the best joy for the child's childhood.