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How To Use Your Baby Stroller Safety
- May 15, 2018 -

The most important thing in using your baby carriage is safety. Sometimes a small oversight can cause harm to your baby. We, Caro Baby Children Products Co., Ltd, hope that the following safety memo can remind you at all times so that the safety of your baby can be fully protected.

1. Conduct safety inspections before use your stroller, such as whether the nuts and screws in baby cart are loose, whether the recliner section is flexible and available, and whether the wheel brakes are flexible and effective. If there is some problem, it must be dealt with promptly.

2. Your baby must wear a waist belt when he is in baby buggy. The length and size of the waist belt should be adjusted. The degree of tightness should be three - four fingers for adults. It is better to leave 3 cm at the end of the adjustment site. Do not use baby pram without unfastening the seat belt, and do not let the baby stand up from baby car.

3. On baby trolley, Please do not hang any objects, not to fall and hurt your baby.

4. A single baby handcart can only be use for a baby. Do not press your body on the handlebar when using it.           5. Please do not use baby pushchair to carry your luggage.

6. If your family is more lenient, it is best to buy two baby trolley, one is umbrella stroller or baby buggy for traveling, and the other is luxury high landscape baby pram in the community.

7, After the stroller, you must carefully check whether the locking device is locked, so as not to fold the baby trolley and crush your baby.

8. Please don't let unruly children push your baby stroller.

9. If there is a slope, the stroller will automatically slide and tip over, causing the baby to be injured. It is best to place the brake on it.

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