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How To Use Your Stroller Safety
- May 16, 2018 -

1. When your baby is sitting in stroller, you can not leave at random. When you have to leave or turn around, you must fix the brake and confirm that baby cart can not move after you can leave.

2. It is best to open and fold the baby stroller before going out, To see if baby carriage can open smoothly. When you open or close the stroller, do not let your baby close so that you do not inadvertently hurt your baby.

3. your baby must not be in the stroller when you pick up the stroller, even you brought baby car together. The correct approach is to hold the baby in one hand and pick up baby cart in one hand.

4. When the baby is in baby trolley, the lock must be completely locked.

5. When buying the second-hand baby stroller, you must ask for instructions and check each part in detail.

6. when used baby pram, you do not push it too fast, so it is easy to accident.

7. Do not lift the front wheel alone to use the rear wheel, easy to cause the baby pushchair frame bending and fracture.

8. The baby buggy seat cushions should often washable, so as not to be affected your baby's health.

9. Do not push baby stroller in the bunker or muddy ground, because of the connection, turning parts, etc., will affect the opening and closing of the stroller after entering the sand.

10. When the stroller passed through a tracked intersection, be careful not to let it’s wheels fall into orbit.

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