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How to choose a lightweight umbrella baby stroller ?
- May 21, 2018 -

1. Lightweight umbrella stroller are simple in structure and do not have complicated parts. Therefore, when parents purchase, they can mainly choose a solid frame from stroller. So umbrella strollers are safety, stable and strong. Also check if the seat safety belt inside the stroller is firm.

2. To choose a bright, non-glare color for umbrella baby carriage, that is suitable for travelling.

3. When parents choose lightweight strollers, it is best to choose dual wheels from front and rear side.

4. Lightweight umbrella baby carriage is for going out to use. Even parents with two babies are still inconvenient. Therefore, it must be lighter and better. At the time of purchase, mothers must go for a sip to see if they are able to bear the weight of the baby and the umbrella stroller alone within the scope of their own tolerance, because the number of times the mother takes the baby out with her mother is more.

5. There are two types of folding umbrella baby buggy currently: one is a secondary folding and the other is a one-handed car with two handles connected together.

6. The seat cushion in the lightweight umbrella stroller is the most intimate place for your baby. When your baby is on the seat cushion, the dent should not be too deep, otherwise the baby will feel uncomfortable. Moreover, in order to protect the baby's head, choose umbrella stroller with soft headrest cushions.

7. Whether or not the front armrest can be opened In theory, the baby umbrella stroller can be used for a long time, but the baby will develop quickly and it will soon be large. Therefore, if the front armrest cannot be opened and unloaded, the baby will be too inconvenient to enter or leave the umbrella baby carriage. Therefore, it is necessary to select the stroller in which the front armrest can be opened.

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