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The Use Precautions For Lightweight Umbrella Stroller
- May 22, 2018 -

       1.Lightweight umbrella strollers are equipped with seat belts. When your baby is sitting in the stroller, Pls remember to fasten your baby with a seat belt so that your baby will be safety.

       2.Because the stability of umbrella baby stroller is not as good as an ordinary baby stroller, even if your baby is asleep, it may be possible to roll over, Especially for the morenaughty baby, which may stand up in umbrella baby carriage, causing the child's body to lean forward. , may be overturned. Therefore, Parents should not leave your baby easily. If something happens, when leaving, we must pay attention to your baby in the umbrella baby trolley.

     3.The umbrella stroller do not stay on the slope, otherwise your baby is easy to slip downhill with the stroller, or even rollover.

    4.Before going out, first check the brake device is sensitive. After the umbrella baby pushchair stops, it is necessary to step on the brakes so that the stroller cannot slide. When on the ground, do not lift the front wheel and push it with the rear wheel alone. This can easily cause the frame to bend and break.

    5.When using a umbrella baby buggy, do not press your body on the stroller. Pls do not sit on the side rails or handrails of stroller, and do not hang packages or umbrella on the handlebars. All of these may cause great damage to the parts of lightweight umbrella stroller and may also cause the handle to be deformed, and if there is too much, it may cause the umbrella baby carriage to roll over due to the unstable center of gravity.

   6.It is advisable for your baby to spend 30 minutes to 60 minutes riding an umbrella baby stroller.

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