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To choose a baby stroller, you first must have some understanding of the function (2)
- May 24, 2018 -

1. The front bumper bar: This feature is to prevent your baby falling from baby stroller. When you buy a stroller, It is best to choose the removable design, not only convenient when changing diapers to your baby. You also can remove the front bumper bar,to avoid the seat space is too small.

2. The basket: Usually designed under baby cart, easy to place baby bottles, diapers and so on.

 3. Shockproof device: Generally baby strollers are used outdoors for most of the time. However, the road surface is sometimes flat and sometimes bumpy, although foam or cotton wool is usually added to the seat of the stroller to increase the baby's comfort.

To the comfort of riding for your baby, but when it comes to uneven road surface, the soft seat cushion can not provide comfort, so the stroller is generally equipped with shock-proof function, in order to deal with bumpy roads, shock-proof device is generally equipped with front wheels or in the rear wheels, the stroller can be placed on the ground during you make the selection, you can press the frame of stroller lightly.

 4. Brake: When the stroller is stopped, you may not always stay near the stroller. When the stroller is parked on a sloped terrain, you is unable to hold the frame, baby stroller will slide and fall over at any time, which may cause great danger to your baby; So the brake is one of the necessary safety devices for the stroller, and the brake generally used in the stroller has a deceleration function.

  5. Height adjustment: This device is mainly for the operator's height, in order to allow the operator to consider the comfort when pushing baby pram. This device can be divided bending both type and telescopic type can be selected according to different preferences.

  6. Accessories for stroller:  They can be selected according to the usage habits or depending on the local climate conditions:

(1) The food tray: Which can be placed in front of stroller, It is easy for your baby.

(2) The foot cover provides warmth to your baby when used in outdoor areas in winter.

(3) The rain coat to provide a full-coverage stroller in rainy.

(4) The mosquito net for baby carriage, It is better for your baby to ride it.

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