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The Use Of Baby Strollers From Caro Baby Children Products Co., Ltd
- May 25, 2018 -

     1.When your stroller is not pushed, The baby carriage needs to be stopped. Now the rear wheel        of baby stroller basically has a foot brake function.

     2.When pushing baby buggy, You must look at your baby next to it. Your baby staying alone in        the stroller may not be completely safe. The active baby will inevitably have a small              condition.

     3.Seat belts from baby trolley must be tied. Needless to say, right?

     4.Do not let your baby stand in the stroller and it is easy to fall.

     5.Baby pram can only take a baby, don't stuff it in again, even if they have fun again.

     6.When carrying a stroller, it is best to hold your baby first.

     7.Do not use your stroller if the road surface is very poor or near a fire.

     8.When assembling and disassembling umbrella stroller, Be sure to read the instructions.

     9.When adjusting the stroller, such as a two-way pusher stroller, do not allow your baby's          hand to move closer to the moving parts.

     10.After the stroller is assembled, it needs to be checked thoroughly and if it is loose.

     11.Do not put your baby in the stroller for a long time. Usually it takes 1-2 hours to get it        long.

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