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Which is better the twin strollers with side-by-side seats or front and rear seat seats?
- May 27, 2018 -

1. Twin baby strollers with side-by-side seats

Advantages: The double stroller is very suitable for newborn children to use, and after your babies are a little older, the two little guys can sit together and play together, and it is convenient for us to take care of 2 babies at the same time. Another point is that it is convenient to adjust the backrest to lie flat during sleep.

Disadvantages:  Because the design is a side-by-side seats, the space is certain, especially the width, there are some designs more spacious stroller when entering and exiting the elevator or the door is not easy. This is why many moms finally gave up buying side-by-side seats for baby twin strollers.

Of course, we can also select baby twins strollers with side-by-side seats that can be freely accessed according to the width of our home's doors and elevators. However, such strollers tend to be slightly crowded when the baby grows up. After all, the seat width is compressed.


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2. Baby twins strollers with front and rear seats

Advantages: The width of the single stroller, so do not worry about the width when entering and exiting the door and the elevator. Another advantage of the double strollers in front and rear is that it is suitable for two babies of different ages. One baby is in front of him, and the other is sitting in the back. This feeling is also good.

Disadvantages: For newborns, Twins strollers with front and rear seats are not convenient when the baby is sleeping, so it is generally suitable for babies to be used after sitting up.

Whether side-by-side seats or front and rear seats, each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and most mums prefer twin baby strollers that sit side by side. In addition, when purchasing, it is most important to consult with you about the width of the seat and whether it is convenient and space-saving to fold it.

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