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Choosing The Wrong Baby Stroller, It Will Be To Endanger Your Baby
- May 30, 2018 -

     Nowadays Families with babies are basically equipped with a stroller, So that taking out the baby can greatly reduce the burden on parents. Experts said that baby strollers must be selected according to their physical characteristics. The strollers are generally used outdoors for a long time, but babies under 6 months often cannot sit on their own. When the stroller hits an uneven surface, it will rock around and cause damage to the baby. Therefore, when choosing, pay attention to whether the backrest can be adjusted, whether it can sit or lie.

     Check if there is a hole in the body of baby pram to prevent the baby from sticking his fingers in and pinching them. Avoid baby carriage that are too complicated for the baby. Before using the pram, be sure to carefully read the instruction manual, especially the "precautions", follow the instructions to install the baby carriages, and on-site operation, if you do not understand the place, be sure to ask clearly.

    When choosing a baby cart, be sure to check whether baby cart is open and whether the seat belts, locking and safety devices are in compliance. The seat pocket should be deep. If it is too shallow, the baby can easily roll over when turning or twisting. Pay attention to whether the pad thickness is sufficient. Generally speaking, the more cushions a baby trolley has, the better it will be for a baby to have a greater sense of security. In addition, the baby's body is soft and tends to collide with bruises. Therefore, if there are cushions on the left and right sides, a certain degree of safety can be provided. Protection. The stroller's skeleton is usually designed as a lockable movable joint for easy storage or transportation, so be sure to check the safety of baby buggy when picking; otherwise, when the baby sits in baby buggy, the active joint of the frame fails. Suddenly folded, the cart will pinch the baby.

   The wheels of the pram should be larger and less slippery, and some baby prams wheels are also shock resistant. The brakes are good enough to stop it in time when an accident occurs. In addition to looking at the style and color of baby trolley when buying, look carefully at the surface of the frame for paint peeling, scratches, or other flaws, and whether the joints and screws of the body structure are firm, and the flexibility and effectiveness of the device.

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