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The Advantages and Disadvantages Of High Landscape Baby Strollers
- May 31, 2018 -

The advantages of high landscape baby strollers:

1. Away from the car exhaust

Most of strollers we have seen have babies whose positions are relatively short and are about the same height as the car's exhaust pipe. Therefore, we recommend that you try not to carry your baby along the road with baby stroller. High landscape stroller design is better to avoid this problem. However, the community, parks and suburbs are still the first choice for travel.

2. Improve the baby's vision when using high landscape baby pram.

Think about what your baby can see when he is sitting. Are we all adults butts? If the height of the stroller's seat is high with our adults, the vision is the same. Sitting high is far more than mere formalism.

3. To enhance interaction

When the baby needs us, does he always need to look up and call us? The high landscape stroller's seat brings the baby closer to us. It is more convenient to communicate and interact. If we change the pusher again, we can face up with the baby.


The disadvantage of high landscape baby carriages:

1. The price is high

In general, the high landscape baby trolley has higher material requirements and the price is several times that of the ordinary trolley. For example, the ordinary baby buggy may only require 30-40 dollar, and the high landscape baby pushchair may be at least 100 dollar.

2. Landscape baby carriages are generally heavier, and they are larger in size and are inconvenient for use at remote gates. They are more suitable for use in residential areas and parks.

We recommend, If you are not bad, high landscape baby prams are still a good choice. It can be used with a lightweight umbrella stroller for travel. If you really feel that you can't get it, then you can still buy an ordinary stroller and you don't want to breathe the car's exhaust. Then don't take your baby to the road. Don't forget to hug your baby and let your baby open his eyes.

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