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Do you understand the correct use of the strollers ?
- Jun 04, 2018 -

           In general, there will be a baby carriage in a family. You can use a baby stroller and walk around with your baby. Since you have a stroller, you will have a very convenient life. Because in the past we all needed to carry our children out, which would make our body burden very strong. With baby cart, we could very easily take our baby out. However, many strollers are used by parents to do other things. And these parents do not know that this will have a certain impact on the safety of your baby stroller, the correct use of the stroller, they are not quite aware of it, so for the sake of the safety of your baby, parents must pay attention.


         1. Brake and the seat belt

Under normal circumstances, mothers don't give their baby seat belts when they push them out. Many moms don't even know that there are seat belts in the strollers. It is important to note that for the sake of baby’s health, your baby should be brought with safety belts, and they should also remember to brake the stroller when stopping, especially if there are some uneven roads, if your stroller can not brake, it will inevitably slip away.

       2. Together with your baby at any time

Many mothers put their baby in a stroller, and later regardless of baby to do their own thing. Just let your baby be in your own sight. In fact, this practice is also very wrong, and mothers should always be kept by baby cart, so that if your baby accidentally happens, it is too late to salvage. Of course, the mothers should also remind baby not to always make trouble when they are in baby trolley. It is easy to have certain risks.

     3. Overload for stroller

If you don't go to work, you will be forced to leave baby to go out and play with them. There is a lot of weight in the stroller, but if you are overloaded, it will inevitably affect your baby's safety. And many mothers like to put some water bottles and other things to your baby's side, this approach is also wrong, try not to put these things close to your baby, so as to avoid the situation of leakage, will cause some damage to your baby.

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