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About The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Lightweight Baby Strollers
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Now a lot of young parents prefer baby stroller when they choose stroller. I would like to share the advantages and disadvantages of the lightweight stroller today. I hope to give some advice to them who are buying baby cart.

The advantages of lightweight strollers:

1. As the name implies, a lightweight compact stroller is "light", which is also its biggest selling point. This kind of stroller is suitable for long time when going out or traveling.

        2. The volume is very small after the lightweight stroller folded, It is easy to travel, No matter if it is in the car trunk or the plane, It is very convenient for storage.

       3. Lightweight baby stroller is very flexible because it is relatively small, and it is extremely flexible and convenient for turning and leaning on one side.

      4. The storage of portable compact stroller is very convenient, and the general design is to open and fold quickly, which is also very much favored by mothers.

       The disadvantages of lightweight baby strollers:

1. The shock absorber effect is worse, Compared with multi functional baby pram, the shock absorber of the portable compact baby stroller is relatively poor, so it is recommended that the baby should use baby buggy after six months.

       2. There is danger of rollover Because of the light of the strollers’ body, if the baby carriage is used improperly or if the baby is naughty and stands up in the baby trolley, the risk of rollover is likely to occur.
       3. these roads with complex conditions, Most lightweight strollers have small, thin wheels that are not easy to control on uneven surfaces, To avoid the road as much as possible.

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