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What Is The Difference Between an umbrella stroller and a baby pram ?
- Jun 27, 2018 -

           In fact, umbrella stroller, also called baby buggy, It is a kind of strollers, but the stroller on the market is generally divided by baby pram and umbrella stroller. Parents generally say that baby prams are suitable for home use. A large, space-sized baby stroller with lying and sitting, while the main features of baby buggy is light and easy to fold, It can be folded like an umbrella. Some umbrella strollers have shoulder straps to carry it upright.

          Baby pram and umbrella stroller is mainly suitable for different needs of babies with different ages. For infants, they are more suitable for strollers, can lie or sit, and the space is relatively large, but they are bulky. the umbrella stroller is suitable for slightly The bigger baby pushes to sit while playing, because the baby is more and more sturdy, the requirements for the baby carriage's comfort are reduced, and the frequency of travel is increased. The umbrella stroller is folded compactly, light in weight, convenient to implement, and suitable for use when going out.

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