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Talking About The Types Of Baby Strollers
- Jul 01, 2018 -


            There are many different designs for strollers on the market,In terms of appearance and function,the types are as follows:

           1. Multi-function baby stroller

           Usually the weight is more than 12Kg, can be used from 0-3 years old, high and stable, better comfort, more complete functions, and also heavy weight for stroller. The frame is strong, the size of the front and rear wheels is different, especially the size of the rear wheel is usually larger. This kind of baby cart is very suitable for newborns, but when the baby is a little bigger, when the baby have to out of home, public transportation, and traveling are not as convenient as umbrella stroller. High landscape baby pram are alsoMulti-function strollers.

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         2. Portable baby strollers, called umbrella stroller and baby buggy

         Usually weighing less than 6kg, light weight, easy to carry, the volume will not be very small after folding, most of them can sit after 6 months. the frame is relatively simple, the same size of all wheels, and the seat is usually not too high.

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         3. Three wheels baby carriage, called baby jogger

         Young parents love to run with baby trolley, and take children on long journeys, even go hiking,or other outdoor activities. So this type of stroller is mainly shock-absorbing effect,usually the wheels are very larger. 

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        4. Double baby strollers

         Two seats from stroller are arranged side by side or one in front  of another,and they can be reversed, allowing them to sit and stand, making them ideal for multiple families.  

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