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What are the benefits of high landscape strollers?
- Jul 15, 2018 -

1. The strollers can be away from car exhaust

Some of baby strollers we saw, the baby's position is relatively short, and the height of the car exhaust pipe is equivalent, so it is recommended that you try not to push baby cart with your baby. The design of the high landscape stroller is a good way to avoid this problem.

2. High landscape strollers can improve your baby's vision

Think about where your baby can sit and see what? If the height of the seat is as high as ours, the vision is the same as ours. Sitting high is far more than just a form of embarrassment. The height of the desk and the table at home is about 70cm. The height of the baby in the high-view baby stroller is about 1m. You can take your baby to the desk and table.

3. Landscape baby strollers can enhance interaction

When the baby needs us, is it always necessary to look up at us? The high landscape seat brings the baby closer to us. It is more convenient in communication and interaction. If we change the handle bar again, we can communicate face to face with the baby.

In fact, high landscape stroller is just to increase the height of baby cart, mainly to facilitate the communication with the child is more convenient, another way is to let the baby not directly face the car tail steam. Because the high landscape is bound to increase the overall weight of the whole baby carriage and the baby, the materials used are better and more stable, and naturally more expensive. If you have changed baby cart twice, then the baby should be able to go.  baby cart is usually three years old. It can be used very little after leaving. It is recommended not to change. 

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