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Talk about the skills of buying baby strollers
- Aug 09, 2018 -

    How to choose a baby stroller suitable for your baby? A stroller will be one of the expensive things you buy for your baby, so it's important to make the right choice. Picking a suitable baby carriage is not an easy task, as there are too many design strollers available on the market. So we wrote this article to help you make the right choice for your baby.

  1. Choose a baby stroller based on your baby's age

  For babies under 7 months, because they can't sit up, they should use a stroller with adjustable backrest. This baby stroller can usually lie flat at a large angle (165°-170°), and some can even 175° flat lying, some baby strollers with European and American design concepts and independent carrycot can be completely lying inside.

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  For babies over 7 months, the choice of baby stroller is relatively small, because the baby can sit up at this time, you can choose a baby umbrella stroller with less function but portability, if the economic conditions are good, you can also Choose an ordinary baby trolley or a multi-functional baby pram.

 2. Select baby strollers according to travel conditions

 First, choose a stroller based on the road conditions of travel. If the road conditions are better and the road surface is flat without more potholes, you can choose a baby stroller with normal shock performance. If the road conditions are not flat enough, the potholes are more, and the bumps are more bumpy, you should choose a stroller with better suspension performance. For example, high-view baby strollers with independent wheel suspension design, strollers with pneumatic tires, and even baby prams with pneumatic tires and independent wheel suspension systems can meet the baby travel in such road conditions.

Second, choose a stroller based on the frequency of travel and the length of the journey. If your baby likes outdoor activities and travels farther away, you can choose a lightweight foldable baby stroller, such as pocket baby stroller, compact stroller, etc. so you can hold your baby in one hand, and a baby stroller will not be too lucky.

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3. Choose a baby stroller based on design features

The front wheel has built-in spring suspension design, natural pneumatic wheel suspension design, rear wheel axle built-in spring design, seat built-in spring shock absorption design, four-fold protection for the baby, with super shock-absorbing effect, and always protect the baby's safety status.

4. Purchase a baby stroller according to your child's needs

One of the first considerations is whether the selected baby stroller is suitable for the newborn. Newborns need to be completely flat, so it is important that the seat on the baby cart is flat. Alternatively, you can use a carrycot that fits the baby cart to make up a stroller, or install a car seat into the cart so you don’t move your baby from the car to baby cart. Wake up your baby.

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The needs of babies and toddlers are very different, but many baby strollers are designed to cater to the different stages of the baby's growth.