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The wheel of the stroller is more important than suspension
- Apr 02, 2018 -

The front wheels of the children's carts are universal, and of course there are some split-type carts where all four wheels are universal and can be converted into directional ones.

The flexible steering cart is very easy to implement and will not hardly rub against the ground. This will be more comfortable for the baby and will not affect the baby. One of the factors that affects the wheel steering of the stroller is design or quality, and the other is the correct installation of our parents.

Safety of child cart wheels

Many of today's stroller wheels are detachable and are plug-in installations that are easy to operate. As long as the lock is locked and used in peacetime to avoid collision, generally no problem occurs.

Therefore, the authentic stroller that chooses counters is even more secure in quality and after-sale, not just price and color. This concept of buying is very important, after all, it involves the actual safety factors in use.

Summary: Compared to shock absorbers, the wheel suspension and safety of the stroller are more important, so parents must check the wheels carefully when purchasing.