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To choose a baby stroller, you first must have some understanding of the function (1)
- May 23, 2018 -

1. Awning: It is also canopy of strollers, For babies, there is an awning that can protect against wind and rain, which is one of the conditions for baby trolley. The size of the awning is related to the shade range and the role of wind protection. In addition, there is also a specially designed parasol that can be fixed on the frame from baby carriage and has the function of changing the direction and height of the toilet. The advantage is that it can control the direction of sunshine and is more ventilated. Some awnings also have the function of UV resistance.

2. Seat cushion: The seat cushion can be said to be the closest place to your baby, The design will be different according to the size of the stroller or the folding method. In general, the dual-use baby strollers are more spacious and thicker, while some lightweight umbrella stroller usually have single-layer cloth support because of their light weight requirements. In addition, it should be noted that the magnitude of the downward pressure after the seat cushion is loaded can not be too deep, that is, the support force is enough, otherwise your baby will sit uncomfortably. In addition, in order to protect the young head, soft-designed headrest cushions are available.

3. Backrest: The backrest of the seat is divided into two categories: adjustable and fixed angle; the dual-purpose seat can be adjusted to the lying position, your baby within one year old needs to use it, and baby cart design can only be used. Lying, more suitable for your baby to rest for a short time. Usually, the dual-purpose baby pram is relatively large and bulky due to its complex structure. Therefore, it is advisable to use an aluminum alloy frame. The umbrella baby stroller is light and the seat back adjustment is usually fixed or the adjustment angle is small.

4. Handle bar: It can be divided into directional and steering; the steering handle bar because it can be implemented to change, it can face your baby, usually more suitable for newborns. There are also handle bar to adjust the height, which is designed for different heights.

5. Folded and unfolded system: In the market, It can be divided into three modes:

(1)Traditional folding and unfolding: standing after folding front and rear frame, it is usually a dual stroller in the sitting position and a square type after folding.

(2) The left and right folds are then folded back and forth, usually umbrella baby stroller. After folding, they are slender and smaller. The disadvantage is that they usually cannot stand.

(3) Fold back and forth and then left and right folds, appropriate size after closing, can be carried on the shoulders, is a popular design in the market, but the disadvantage is that the frame is not stable, and you should pay more attention to bumpy road when using.

6. Frame: If the frame of baby cart is steel, the weight is usually heavier; the weight of the aluminum frame is lighter.

7. Seat belts: any baby strollers, the seat belt design, It’s function is to protect your baby from falling out of stroller due to turmoil.


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