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How To Choose A Suitable Baby Stroller For Your Baby
- Apr 02, 2018 -

There are more and more varieties of stroller products on the market today, and the styles are becoming more and more fashionable. For young moms and dads, choosing the right stroller for the baby requires a lot of scientific factors concerning the health of the baby besides the fashion of the appearance and color.

1. The appearance of a stroller

The appearance mentioned here does not refer to the color and style of the car body, but the details that the car body may touch with the baby's delicate skin. Parents are required to use visual and hand-feeling methods to check whether there are exposed open tubes in the area, whether there are crevices and sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs. The standard of safety is that the hand is smooth after touch and does not scratch the skin.

2. Baby carriage brake system

The brake system is related to the safety of the stroller. When the parents push the baby out, fixing the brake system of the stroller is very important, which can guarantee that the baby carriage can be fixed in place when the parent hand is away from the handlebar. The standard test is to press the brakes and push the stroller back and forth to see if the brakes can slip and slide. In addition, the brakes should have bright colors (such as red) as a warning to avoid accidental stepping in an emergency.

3. Stroller basket

In order to facilitate travel and shopping, strollers are generally equipped with a basket. The scientific basket design should be fixed in the lower position of the vehicle, so as to ensure the stability of the baby carriage's center of gravity when it is full.


4. Baby stroller cloth cover

Although the current selection of cloths for baby carriages has undergone a rigorous quality test, the indicators are also in line with national standards. However, in fact, the more colorful the colors and the more complex the fabric, the more chemical components are added than the single-color fabrics. Therefore, if you care for your baby's health, it is recommended that parents use baby strollers with single or spring colors. At the same time, the cloth cover is designed to be removable and replaceable, so that it can be cleaned and replaced more easily.

5. Stroller handlebar

The contact between the handlebars of the stroller and the parents is the most. Therefore, the height of the handlebars that are generally selected should be suitable for parents to implement stroller heights. Because the heights of parents and grandparents at home are different, it is more appropriate to use a handlebar height adjustable stroller. Some of the handlebars can be used to switch back and forth, that is, allowing the baby to face the parents sitting in the car. This is a good choice for parent-child interaction. The material covered by the handlebars should be made of a wear-resistant, sweat-absorbent and comfortable material. The most popular on the market is the handlebar cover for EVA foam.

6. Stroller system

The stroller's take-up system, also referred to as a folding device, is a device that can be folded to reduce the footprint when the stroller is not in use. The car-receiving system must not only consider the convenience and convenience when retracting the car, but also pay attention to the safety lock of the folding system and the design of the safety buckle when using the stroller to prevent accidental folding of the baby carriage and endangering the safety of the baby.

7. Baby carriage safety belt

The safety belt must include at least one set of belts and an ankle strap. The minimum width of the belt and belt should be 20 mm, and the width of the shoulder belt should be 15 mm minimum.

8. Stroller tray

The plate is the portion of the baby's arm and head that will come into direct contact with the baby's stroller. Therefore, the choice of material and paint for the plate must be selected in accordance with national safety standards. This point is more difficult for ordinary consumers to detect. This is clearly stated in the National Standard for Safety Requirements for Strollers. Some big well-known manufacturers can meet this standard. The use of baby plastic plastic parts of the baby fighter is in line with the "National Standard for Safety Requirements for Children's Carts".

9. Stroller pocket

The seat pocket is the part of the stroller that will be in direct contact with the baby's body. There is a lot of stress in the selection of the seat pocket, and the function of the seat pocket used by the baby of different ages is quite different. For babies under 6 months old, the need for lying on the bed is relatively large. When choosing a baby, you must use a design that stretches out as a “small bed”. However, the experts of the baby fighter stroller suggested that from the perspective of healthy development of the baby's bones, the stroller's lying angle should be 170° rather than 180°. The baby strollers on the market can basically be adjusted in three positions: sitting, lying, and lying, reducing the need for parents to purchase a variety of models. However, the lighter umbrellas on the market are generally suitable for babies over 1 year of age because they generally have only the function of sitting.

10. Stroller wheel

Currently, there are three wheels and four wheel carts available on the market to choose from, and their stability is strictly checked. When parents purchase a stroller, they can place the cart on a flat surface. The standard for smooth placement is that the level of unevenness of the wheel should be less than 5 mm when no baby is sitting. Test the straight line to observe whether the implementation of the track deviates from the straight line. Press “∞” shape to push it to see if the wheels are flexible.