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Is The Portable Safety Seat Safe
- Apr 02, 2018 -

Ordinary child safety seats are more troublesome to install, while portable safety seats are advanced, safe, small, portable, and even small enough to be placed directly in the pocket. Its size is only 25cm*12cm*4cm, which is 10 times smaller than the ordinary child safety seat. Portable safety seat installation is also very convenient, children can be completed independently.

What should you pay attention to using a child safety seat

1. Use safety seats for children, the sooner the better

The sooner a child uses a safety seat, the easier it is to accept and adapt. The baby usually likes to make a seat (basket), the wrapped seat is like a womb. It makes the child feel safe, and the car is rocking, and the child will fall asleep easily.

If a child cries in a safety seat, no matter big or small baby, it may be caused by car sickness. Usually, we need to increase the game of inner ear vestibular stimulation to promote development.

Of course, there are some big babies because they are unfamiliar with the resistance to safety seats, parents should slowly guide their children to overcome and adapt, such as providing his favorite toys, telling stories in the car and so on to distract attention.

2, as far as two years of age, as far as possible back seat seat safety seat

Newborns usually use a safe basket, and the start time of a seat replacement is usually about 9 months, so many parents mistakenly think that children can be sitting in the car from 9 months. If the child uses the five point seat belt safety seat, we must remember that at least two years old children, try to install and ride back. As mentioned before, many countries in Europe and the United States have raised the age limit to three or four years old. We should keep pace with the times and improve safety awareness.

3. Nothing is more important than safe driving

Keep in mind that all the safety seats are tested under the speed of 50 kilometers per hour, and nothing can save your child if you are speeding. To protect children's life and safety, nothing is more important than a reliable driver. The seat of the safety seat is a kind of insurance investment.