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Precautions For The Use Of A Walker
- Apr 02, 2018 -

1. Do not use it too early. The early use of a walker will cause the baby to skip over the natural growth and development stage of "crawling", and cause the balance of the body and the poor coordination of the whole body. It is easy to have the imbalance of the feeling, which shows the clumsiness of the hands and feet, the poor flexibility, the hyperactivity, the concentration of attention, the character problems (flushing, capricious, temper irritable) and so on.

2, in the use of a walker also need to pay attention to control the time of children to stay in the school walker, each time not more than 30 minutes, the best in the indoor use of the walker, away from the stove, pin and other dangerous items, avoid the threshold, the staircase near, high and low places, so as not to cause accidental injury; the various parts of the school Walker should be firm, in order to prevent the occurrence of cars in the process of collision. Body damage, wheel off accident; finally we must pay attention to the health and prevent the baby walker, Disease enters by the mouth.