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Problems To Be Paid Attention To When Buying A Child's Car
- Apr 02, 2018 -

1., the most important thing is to select the car's performance and safety for the baby, check whether the brakes are effective, and do not brake too sensitive to cause wrestling.

2. whether the handlebar is solid and reliable enough;

3., is there any protective sleeve in the key connection part, such as the end of the handlebar or other edge positions will be set up with some soft parts to cover.

4. prevent the wound from wound;

5. the best choice of closed chain, which is conducive to prevent and get caught;

6., check whether the parts on the car are sharp or solidly welded, and whether the weld is uniform and neat.

7., the following auxiliary should be as large as possible, and should not be at the same level with the rear wheel, otherwise it will be laborious and unsafe to use.