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The Buyer Ms Daniela Leon From Mexico Alreadly Placed An Order For Two 40HQ Containers Children Bicycles Yesterday In The Canton Fair
- Oct 27, 2018 -

The buyer Ms Daniela Leon fromMexicoalreadly placed an order for two 40”HQ containers children bicycles yesterday in the canton fair.

In the canton fair, There are many customers from Mexico, Brazil, Chile, India, Pakistan, Russia, U.S.A, Malaysia, Indonesia,  Canada, Argentina, Panama, Poland, Ukraine, Czech, Romania, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, etc, who like kids bicycles very much. At our booth, We show children bicycle, kids bicycle, baby bicycle, kid bike, child bicycle, child bike, BMX bicycle, MTB bike, etc. These models are very popular and sell well in the market.

Ms Daniela Leon bought these following child bicycles:

12 kids bicycle,12 kids bike,14 kids bicycle, 14 kids bike,16 kids bicycle,16 kids bike,18 kids bicycle,18 kids bike,20 kids bicycle,20 kids bike12 children bicycle,12 children bike,14 children bicycle,14 children bike,16 children bicycle,16 children bike,18 children bicycle,18 children bike,20 children bicycle,20 children bike

12 kid bicycle, 12 kid bike,14 kid bicycle,14 kid bike,16 kid bicycle, 16 kid bike,18 kid bicycle,18 kid bike,20 kid bicycle,20 kid bike